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                                                               The pipe jointing system is based on:

      Middlering.        Gasket.   Glandring.       Pipe.

sealing of the rubber gasket.

It's a sleeve type pipe coupling, designed in the late 1880's and still working without any maintenance after installation.

NC.1129 with harness. 

This pipe jointing system take care of expansion and contraction of 5 mm and deflection of 3 on each gasket(*)

Used in small (2") pipelines to large diameter (236") penstock pipelines.

Suitable for all kind of pipe material like, Steel, Aluminium Alloys, Stainless Steel, Ductile and Nodular Cast Iron, GRP, HPE, PVC, Asbestos Cement, Concrete etc. etc.

The pipejoints are available as Straight couplings - Long sleeve couplings - Stepped couplings - Flange adapters - Bulkheadseals - Dismantling joints and End Caps.

Standard coatings for the metal part of the joints are Rilsan ( Nylon 11 ) with colour code RAL 7001 (light grey) or Resicoat RT9000 R4 ( Epoxy ) coating with colour code RAL 5015 (blue) or Hot dip galvanized. Other coatings and colours on request.

Metric bolts and nuts are standard high tensile steel 8.8 hot dip galvanized - Rilsan coated or Stainless Steel.

Gaskets like the EPDM or NBR are available.

Suitable in above and below ground applications with water, natural gas, crude oil, waste and sewage, granulated solids and much more.

(*)When pipe movement out of the coupling might occur, proper anchorage of the pipe must be provided. We like to advice you.

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