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Our Flange Adapter NC.1131 is an excellent pipe joint to connect a plain-end pipe with something that have a flange, like a flanged pipe or Butterfly Valve. Between the flange and the plain-end pipe the length of the plain-end pipe can be a little shorter what will be covered by the Flange Adapter. The space between the pipe-end and the flange create a stress free installation and dismantling of valves etc. By dismantling of a Valve, only the Flange Adapter must be a little back over the pipe to create that space needed for a stress free dismantling job.

The sealing design is the same as from the sleeve type pipe couplings NC.1129 and takes care of expansion and contraction of 5 mm and deflection of 3 on the gasket.



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Flange Adapter


with welded flange at the pipe and rods passed over the follower of the gasket.

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If possible, its good to place the Flange Adapter at that side of the Valve that will be free of medium pressure when the Valve is closed. Sometimes, a pull-out resistant connection is required. In such a situation our Flange Adapter NC.1131-1 can be a solution. Extra rods ( standard is 50% of the flange bolt holes ) will create a pull-out resistant connection, with still the same advantages during the installation - dismantling. Standard are the Flange Adapters provided with straight sleeves and flat mating faces. The Flange Adapter will be supplied to suit the pressure rating of the flange, unless specifically ordered otherwise. Flange Adapters with full flange faces suitable for use with wafer style ( Butterfly) Valves are available. Some manufacturers mentioned this model: S-bore.

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