SINCE 1996


Dismantling Joints for connecting flanged pipes / appendages.

Used where valves and other flanged pipeline appendages need to be removed for future maintenance or replacement.

Now with inside rubber lining as well.

In sizes from DN 40 - DN 2400.

Made out of Steel or Stainless Steel.

Standard PN 10 - 16 - 25 and 40 flanges. ( or acc. to your spec)

Zinc Electro plating or Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Tie-rods.

Resicoat Epoxy coating  or  Rilsan coating.
( if requested with pipeline colour code out side )
Inside rubber-lined.

EPDM - NBR or Viton gasket.


Flexible type  NC. 1131-2


Pull-out resistant type NC.1131-3


Pull-out resistant type NC.1131-5



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